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The House of Oscar Wilde (as imagined by Arthur Cravan)


The House of Oscar Wilde (as imagined by Arthur Cravan) is an art project presented at the Trinity Oscar Wilde Centre for Irish Writing in Dublin. In its totality this piece meant to be a mise en scène based on Cravan’s meticulous description of Wilde’s House in London having the House 21 in Westland Row, where the Irish writer was born, as the exhibition venue.

Arthur Cravan (born in 1887, Lausanne, Switzerland, disappeared on a sailboat in 1918 off the coast of the Mexican Pacific) was a poet, a pugilist, an iconic figure for the Dada movement, and, very crucially for the Dublin component of the project, Wilde’s nephew. Though Cravan never met Wilde, the latest became a figure whose steps he needed to follow. Re-creating the place which Wilde inhabited following the rumours of others was an endeavour of first importance for Cravan who was looking to shape the Wilde in his mind using his own words.

One step ahead, this project —comprising an installation with objects and a live performance—, is a collective effort coordinated by an anonymous artist that looks to materialise the space Cravan imagined to welcome other Wilde hunters, readers, admirers or even mere acquaintances to inhabit it by themselves.

Access is free, but advance booking is needed. Due to space limitations, timed access is in place. Please arrive on time for the allocated slot.

Campus Location Oscar Wilde Centre (21 Westland Row)
Event Type Arts and Culture, Exhibits, Public
Type of Event Ongoing event
Audience Undergrad, Postgrad, Alumni, Faculty & Staff, Public
Contact Name Vladimir Dotsenko
Contact Email dotsenkv@tcd.ie
Link www.eventbrite.ie


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