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Strong demand for Trinity degrees in CAO applications


The overall picture this year in Trinity is one of stability, with entry points for many courses very near to last year’s levels. There are, however, a few trends worth noting. This year is the first for entry to the new Science programmes, which is part of the wider revisioning of the undergraduate curriculum at Trinity, known as the Trinity Education Project. Demand for these four new entry routes has been strong. It is also worth noting that demand is up for Engineering.

Brexit has also had an impact on course choices and numbers of applications.  There has been a decline in the number of Northern Ireland applicants as well as those from the UK*. However, there has been a marked increase in demand for Trinity’s European Studies programme reflecting prospective students’ interest.

This year 7,675 students selected Trinity College Dublin as their first preference in their CAO applications and a total of 17,733 students applied to Trinity, representing 23% of the total number of applications submitted to the Central Applications Office (CAO). Up to 3,336 places are being offered to students to study at Trinity.

Nationally, for the first time overall applications to the CAO went down in 2018 and fewer students sat the Leaving Certificate examination. This is reflected in decreases in the points for many courses nationally. Notwithstanding this, there was strong demand for many of Trinity’s courses:

Engineering, Mathematics and Science

This year saw the launch of Trinity’s renewed Science programme, which is offered through four different entry routes. The new courses proved popular with incoming students:

TR060    Biological and Biomedical Sciences       509* points

TR061    Chemical Sciences      507* points

TR062    Geography and Geoscience       413 points

TR063    Physical Sciences       509* points

(These courses replaced Science (TR071), Human Genetics (TR073), Chemistry with Molecular Modelling (TR074); Medicinal Chemistry(TR075); Nanoscience, Physics and Chemistry of Advanced Materials(TR076) and Earth Sciences (TR077).)

Additionally, demand for the two undergraduate Engineering programmes increased in 2018: Engineering (TRO32), rose from 470 to 488 and Engineering with Management (TRO38), increased by 11 points from 499 to 510.

Health Sciences

Points for many of the professional courses remained similar to 2017 levels.

Human Health and Disease (TR056) has increased from 532 to 542 and Dental Science (TR052) is up from 589* to 590*. Meanwhile, Medicine (TR051) is down from 732 to 731*; Physiotherapy (TR053) 543*is down by one point to 542*; Occupational Therapy (TR054) is down from 517* to 507*; Radiation Therapy (TR055) is down from 510 to 509*.

Nursing Programmes – General Nursing (TR091) has decreased from 410 to 408* while General Nursing (Adelaide) (TR093) has increased from 398 to 408. Intellectual Disability Nursing (TR097) has decreased from 381 to 370* while points for Mental Health Nursing (TR095) have increased from 373 to 389*.

Arts Humanities and Social Sciences

Subjects showing an increase are Economics, which rose from 499* to 509* and Psychology, which rose from 555* to 565.

Brexit and all matters to do with Europe have influenced the increase in points in European Studies (TR024) from 520 to 541.

Other courses showing increases are Philosophy, Political Science, Economics and Sociology (TR015) 555 to 563; English Studies (TR023) 485 to 487; Music Education (TR009) 429 to 455; Global Business (TR080) 544 to 555; Business Studies and German (TR086) 489 to 506.

Points for Law (TR004) went down from 542 to 533; Psychology (TR006) from 554* to 543*; Points for History and Political Science (TR012) and Law and French were the same as 2017 – 540 and 567* respectively.  However, there was an overall decrease in points for Two Subject Moderatorship subjects.

Trinity’s Vice-Provost and Chief Academic Officer, Professor Chris Morash congratulated all students:

“Well done to all students who have received CAO offers today. It is an impressive achievement and a real testament to all of your hard work. For those coming to Trinity, you are about to begin an enriching personal and intellectual journey which can lead you to any number of destinations. We are in the midst of a major revisioning of our undergraduate education, one that aims to make a Trinity education one that will enable our students to reach their full potential both inside and outside the classroom.”


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