Home Business Nutriband Inc. Granted Official Trademark on ‘Nutriband’ Logo and Wordmark by USPTO

Nutriband Inc. Granted Official Trademark on ‘Nutriband’ Logo and Wordmark by USPTO


US based Public Pharmaceutical Company, Nutriband Inc. (OTC: NTRB), founded by Irish Entrepreneur Gareth Sheridan today announced it has received a certificate of registration  for the ‘NUTRIBAND’ Trademark and ‘NUTRIBAND’ Wordmark by the U.S Patent and Trademark office.

This marks the second major announcement in the last month following the appointment of ex presidential candidate and renowned businessman Sean Gallagher as company president and to the Board of Directors in February.

The details of the registration are as follows

Trademark Registration Number:  5,330,456
Wordmark Registration Number:  5,330,455

Details of both certificates can be found at the following links respectively

About Nutriband Inc.

Nutriband Inc was founded by Award winning Irish Entrepreneur and Businessman Gareth Sheridan. Mr. Sheridan took Nutriband Public in the US in 2016. Nutriband is a unique, results driven, health and pharmaceutical Company based in Orlando, Florida. Unlike traditional health product companies, Nutriband found its start by spotting and targeting a gross and virtually unexplored niche in the supplement market through its method of ingredient delivery. All Nutriband products are based around the science of transdermal / Topical technologies.


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