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Dublin Councillors reject Bitcoin motion for payments of services


“At a recent meeting of South Dublin Council, members rejected proposals from Cllr Gilligan to accept bitcoin as a payment for services: “That this Council accepts BitCoin as a form of payment for services rendered to the public”. This is not the first time, I have put forward this motion. I put forward a similar motion a number of years ago now.

At the time, the reply from council management was similar. On this date, bitcoin was worth approximately €10. WordPress, the CMS, had started to accept bitcoin as payment. For every €1 we would have received, we would have approx. €700 today.”

SDCC stated: “It is not recommended that the Council accepts bitcoins from third parties until the Central Bank acknowledges the currency as a secure and financially reliable means of transacting cash.”

“If you ask anyone today, they would have accepted bitcoin in payment 5 years ago. The same applies to this council. This is money that could have gone towards local services for residents. Yes bitcoin fluctuates, but no more than any other currency, USD, EUR, GBP, etc… Blockchain & digital currencies are not going away. I feel that this is only the start. Currencies come and go. Like smart phones & like the internet, I feel digital currencies will play a huge part in our lives. I feel we shouldn’t just disregard outright, accepting bitcoin payments.” Stated Cllr Trevor Gilligan PC, Clondalkin, Newcastle, Rathcoole.


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